6 Advantages of online coaching

Online coaching has blown up over the course of the pandemic, uncertainty surrounding restrictions and gyms being allowed to remain open has reduced the number of people renewing gym memberships, prompting many health-conscious individuals to consider the online version.

So, you have done your research, found a trainer and sketched out a plan in your diary.
Still not sure if online coaching is the way to go?

Here are six advantages of online coaching

1) It is more time effective

By choosing a location convenient for you, there is no need to travel. You could choose to work out in the living room, somewhere equally convenient. This allows you to cut down on travel time.

1) Reduced Costs

Often online coaching will be available at a cheaper rate from your trainer of choice. As Many trainers will not have to pay a fee to the gym, they can offer their services for a more competitive rate. There is also no need for that monthly gym membership! It is likely you will benefit from purchasing some equipment to use at home, however it will save you heaps in the long run.

2) Access to proffesional advice through phone or email
By moving their services online, personal coaches can communictae more often and frequently with their clients. Often through messaging services such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, this allows clients to ask questions and receives answers in a timely manner throughout the day.

3) Extra Motivation
Personal trainers will often send their clients motivational texts and reminders regarding their schedule, these additional reminders and goodwill gestures can help you stay on track and dedicated to the schedule!

4) Increased Privacy

Being able to choose the location of your workout allows you the benefit of increased privacy, often people beginning their fitness journey are hesitant to jump into a busy gym right away.

5) Trackable Progress

Through the use of smartphones and wearable technology, you can easily track your progress and share it with your trainer. Your trainer can use this data to customise a training schedule and a diet plan for you to use.

6) You can record sessions easily

When you are taking part in the session conducted by your trainer, you can often record the session(with the trainers permission!) directly to your device. Using smartphones and smart devices this can be done very easily.

If you would like to begin your fitness journey in person or online, contact us today for more information or booking availability!

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