Group Coaching
online fat loss

An 8-week fat loss program made to challenge you. it is group based, so you and a lot of like-minded individuals support each other on the journey to  becoming a healthier you. 

With a tailored calorie goal and protein goal, you embark on two phases of four weeks. Each phase is fresh, involving new workouts, adjusted cardio and new calorie goals.

Each week there is a Facebook live event covering a variety of topics that aid you, and give you the opportunity to ask any questions.


how your weight loss journey starts

Our weight loss program is designed by our qualified personal trainers to work for everyone to optimise results. During the first week you will set up our app with your information and goals, gain access to our private Facebook group and group chat, receive a welcome pack tailored calorie and protein goal for the first phase.



We will create a calorie and protein goal tailored specifically for you, we will also provide a comprehensive guide to educate you on nutrition and provide a ton of healthy recipes for you to enjoy at home.


Support from our Facebook and WhatsApp groups, packed full of information & tips for you to access while on the move.

two training plans

We provide you with two gym-based progressive training plans alongside a custom cardio plan.

progression tracker

You will have access to your own personal app, where you can see your goals, current progression and where you began.