massage therapy

Our experienced Massage Therapist delivers the best massage experience across Newcastle, Gateshead, and Northumberland.


We offer a wide range of massages including sports and holistic therapy which not only benefit your body, but leave you feeling great as well.

Not sure which massage is right for you? Contact us below and we’ll assist at the very earliest opportunity.

so much more than relaxation

We delivery our massage services either at our massage therapy clinic, every Monday in Blaydon, Gateshead, or through our popular mobile massage service where we come to you.

Our massages are proven to help you recover from a number of problems including; sports muscle tightness, pain, or injury, recovery from surgery, back pain and spinal problems, neck, shoulder, stress, tension, and circulation issues

sports injury massage

Sports massage therapy is available for everybody and includes deep tissue techniques which are effective in reducing muscular tension, discomfort, and pain.

deep tissue massage

Feel your tension melt away with our popular deep tissue massage services where we lengthen, relax, and release strain patterns to allow your posture to realign.

percussive therapy

This world leading treatment makes use of the powerful Theragun to bring benefit 60% deeper into the targeted muscle. Helping you to move better and recover faster!

relaxation Massage

A relaxation massage can help relieve stress and strains caused by a busy lifestyle. We will transport you to a deep state of relaxation perfect for physical and mental wellbeing.