1:1 Online coaching


Its like having a PT in your pocket, with your trainer just a click away! Daily messages and the opportunity to ask questions whenever you want to. No need to wait until you see your personal trainer each week. You can direct message via instant messenger and can expect a reply the same day.

Progression is the key

Having an online coach means that everything you do is tracked and recorded on your own personal app. Including your progress pictures, measurements, and how much you’re able to lift! You will be able to track weight, new personal bests and also record comments after every workout.

What's Included

Initial, in depth, written form followed up with a phone call (to discuss current training & diet, plans and how the coaching works).


Using the video call feature on WhatsApp your personal trainer will offer guidance on form for specific movements and exercises.

weekly progress check-ins

With progress pictures, weight and measurements – to keep progressing and make any adjustments when needed. All check-in responses will be done by via voice note.

Full body training & cardio

Tailored to your goals and lifestyle. Videos of exercises, reps and sets with a weight logging feature to track every exercise.

full nutritional support

A tailored calorie/macro goal which is adjusted when necessary. Full nutritional support with a guide on how to track calories, a library of meal ideas and tips.


1-1 Personal training can become expensive, especially if you want to train more than once a week and rarely comes with much outside support or guidance. One whole month of online training is the same price as 3 to 4 in-person sessions with a personal trainer!