What are the benefits of a personal trainer?

People work with personal trainers for many reasons. Personal trainers are able to develop a fitness programme tailored specifically for you to enable you to hit your goals, provide support and advice when needed and work out alongside you to help you develop the correct form during exercise, improving efficiency and reducing the risk of injury.


Here are the top 6 reasons to hire a personal trainer:


  1. Accountability & Support

Achieving your fitness goals, weight loss, improving cardio, gaining muscle, whatever they may be, all trainers will agree that consistency is the most crucial part of the puzzle. A personal trainer will discuss your training sessions with you, and advise you when you are making progress. When you have an appointment with a trainer, the obligation to turn up to the appointment can help you avoid missing a training session.


  1. Review your current plan & goals

An experienced trainer will ask you about your current training methods and the goals you are working towards. By reviewing your training plan and altering it to better fit goals, you make progress faster and more efficiently.


  1. Provide educated advice

Personal trainers are also able to provide advice in all aspects of training, this includes diet and nutritional advice, advice on training with injuries and when not to train. They can also advise you on best practice to encourage a full and fast recovery.


  1. You want to boost your confidence

If you are just starting out at the gym, the variety of machines and weights can be intimidating. A personal trainer will show you around the gym and teach you how to use advanced machines where necessary. 


  1. You don’t know how to proceed

Have you hit your own milestone for the first time? Advancing past your initial goals can be difficult, but a personal trainer can help you choose your next goal, depending on your needs & preferences. You might want to begin improving your physique after losing weight, or understand more about your nutritional & exercise needs to stay in shape.


  1. Results

When you are committing hours of your time per week to achieve a personal goal or improving your overall health & fitness, the return on your invested time is extremely important. Personal trainers drive you towards results and help push you through any weight plateaus, or stagnation in progress.


You know the key reasons to work with a personal trainer, but what does a typical first session with your personal trainer entail?


Your first session with your PT


During your first personal training session, your new PT will be looking to get to know you.

By understanding your habits, preferences and lifestyle they can craft a personalised plan that can work for you, provided you put in the work.


As part of getting to know you, your PT will take down some notes on your current level of fitness, such as your weight, and the amount of exercise you currently do per week (if any). This allows them to tailor future sessions and your personalised plan specific to you.


How can we help you?

Here at Total Health Fitness & Massage, we feel that the 1-2-1, the relationship between a personal trainer and yourself is crucial to the working relationship and results. By working closely with you directly we can personalise every aspect of your training plan, including Nutrition plans, and workout schedule, and offer constant support through regular communication outside of scheduled sessions.

For more information, visit our Personal Training page to view our services and sign up. We also offer specific aspects of personal training separately, such as Nutrition plans, personal workout plans, and our abs & glutes plan.


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